The zombie genre, which we have been exploring in class, creates a need for social institutions because the zombie apocalypse forces humans to congregate together for survival. Individually humans are weak and fragile creatures who do not posses much power on their own.  Humanities strength comes from its numbers and once people come together to fight a common cause like the zombie apocalypse the group, as a whole needs direction. This is where the necessity of social structures comes from, necessity of survival.  It is something that can be seen in most zombie narratives, people form a group to fight the zombies.  It happened in the television show In the Flesh with groups like the HFV forming to try to create some sort of stability in the world they live in.  This urge to create government is also reflects peoples desire to return back to some sense of normalcy that existed before the outbreak.  The life that humans experienced before the zombie outbreak can never be returned to though that’s why the social structure In the Flesh are flawed and it is also why the re-integration of people with partially deceased syndrome cause such a panic amongst the living people. 

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