1) Intertextuality: The relationship between texts, especially literary ones.

-American Psycho: Patrick’s constant reference to music, literature, magazines, and fashion.

2) Picturesque: Visually attractive, especially in a quaint of pretty style. The idea that beauty is replicated in landscape

-Castle of Otranto: Controlled access to nature

3) Madness:  The state of being mentally ill; a state of frenzied or chaotic activity.

-Jack in The Shining

-Victor’s spiral down into madness with his obsession with creating the creature

-Renfield in Dracula

4) Isolation: Cause (a person or place) to be or remain alone or apart from others

-The whole Torrance family in The Shining

-Victor and the Creature in Frankenstein

-Patrick isolates himself from reality through the use of media

5) Suspension of disbelief:  The temporary acceptance as

-Castle of Otranto: The big head and the ghost pictures coming to life.

6) Heroine: Female hero

-Wendy in The Shining

-Mina is until the end of Dracula.

7) Daemon: A divinity or supernatural being of nature between gods and humans

– The creature from Frankenstein

8) Doppelganger: An apparition or double of living person

-The Shining: Tony is Danny’s doppelganger

– Frankenstein:  The creature is Victor’s doppelganger

– American Psycho: Everyone is everyone’s doppelganger. No one is real. Everyone is interchangeable with each other.

9) Naturalism: The use of detailed realism to suggest that social conditions, heredity, and environment had inescapable force in shaping human character.

– Frankenstein: How the creature taught himself by living out in nature. His personality was shaping by how society treated him.

10) Panopticon: A type of institutional building, like a prison, designed in a way where you believe you are being watched at all times.

-The Shining: In the Overlook, there is a sense that someone, or something, is watching them at all times. For example: how they all fear room 217.

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