Creativity and its source can come from any numerous things, events, people, and dreams.  When writing inspiration for any piece of writing can come from any where, but  dreams can often be some of the strongest inspirations.  In her introduction to Frankenstein  Mary Shelley she talks about day dreaming constantly as a child as a way to pass the time.  Day dreaming keeps the imagination active and can keep the creative juices flowing.  So it is no surprise that Shelley lists her inspiration for Frankenstein as starting out in a dream as she was drifting off to sleep one night.  This semiconscious state of mind can be extremely inspirational, as our conscious brain begins to power down the shift between the unconscious and the dream like state become powerful.  What is also empowering about this half sleep state of mind is that, at least from my own personal experience, the mind is susceptible to incorporate things that where happening before sleep or during that day.  It is like when you have fallen asleep with the T.V. on and suddenly what ever is playing in the T.V. creeps its way into your dreams and unconscious thoughts. In state of mind dreams and creativity can flourish by allowing the mind to explore freely to some degree, and what we do with those thoughts after we wake is up to us.

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1 Response to Dreams

  1. triproftri says:

    Hmm, this definitely needs more introspection and analysis; it’s more than drifting off to sleep. What’s the function of the imagination and nightmares for Shelley? What about the imagery she experienced? How does that manifest in the writing?

    Also, this is one of our scholarly posts to be free from our/we/my/I.

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