In American Psycho the form of media that keeps popping up obscurely and at the most random moments is  The Patty Winters Show.  The Patty Winters Show,  the show allows an insight into the world around Patrick.  Some of the topics that are that Patrick says are discussed in the show are, UFO’s that kill, the possibility of nuclear war, and toddler murders.   Each one of these topics offers its own view into Patrick’s world.  When the topic of nuclear war is brought on the show Patrick says, “…according to the panel of experts the odds are pretty good it will happen sometime within the next month.”(119). This brief little excerpt from the show gives a glimpse as to what is on the minds of people during this time in the world where Patrick is living.  It also gives the sense that the world that Patrick is living in is a stressful one that is right on the verge of a violent destruction.  The topic of toddler murders offered up a very disturbing view into Patrick’s psyche.  Patrick says, “In the studio audience were parents of children who’d been kidnapped, tortured, and murdered, while on stage a panel of psychiatrists and pediatricians were trying to help them cope – somewhat futilely I might add, and much to my delight–with their confusion and anger”(138).  From this topic which is given through the Patty Winters Show  the depth of how psychotic Patrick really is, I he gets pleasure from seeing people in pain even if isn’t the person who is inflicting it.  The Patty Winters show divulges subtle little pieces of information that work collectively to help shape how Patrick and his world are to be viewed.

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  1. triproftri says:

    Hmm, this is only half completed (which leads me to believe that you’re not doing the reading from Dracula?). An interesting set of thoughts about the Patty Winters Show, an insight into the current cultural transformations. But what about this violent destruction that the Winters show mimics or induces? The form of media here is the daily television show, yes? What about it is relevant other than the content? That’s it’s in daily serial form? Or talk show form using television as the medium?

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