The sky is gray and there are no clouds for as far as I can see.  Even though the day is gray the warmth and humidity of the sun can still be felt making sweat drip down my head.  I look down at the ground with a sense of urgency, but the ground is dry and hard, it looks like it hasn’t rained in years.  In the distance I see a plow and a small shack as, as I move towards the shack I see the dust cloud in the distance.  I know now that they are coming for me it’s my turn to die.  This is the end not just for me but for the whole world nothing will grow and humanity is starving.  I am living in the apocalypse.  As I come up upon the shack inside I see two cots on one of them there is a body, she looks frail and worn out skinny from not eating and her skin is dry as if all the water has been sucked out of her body. As I walk towards her, she utters the words don’t let them take me and in gasp as I reach down, her whole body turns to dust the as my hand touches her. I walk back out and I can see that they will be here any minute for me.  The dilapidated army truck pulls up there are men with gas mask and special suits on they, they force me on the truck with their guns.  This is it; this is what the end is like humans rounding up other humans for food. As the truck pulls away I awake from my sleep.

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